Google Account Recovery- A Complete Know-How

As a Google user, you may face various glitches anytime. Such glitches can make a Google user unable to access the Google account, and it may not be so easy always to fix them easily without any expert's help. Therefore, our well experienced technical team is always ready to help you all the way. Along with guiding you on how to recover your Google account, and how to fix various other related issues, we may also fix them all on your behalf if you wish to. There are so many Google related problems that you may have not even heard of, but some of the common ones that almost every Google users face are:-

User Have Forgotten The Google Login ID

Nowadays, It has been very common to forget Google Login ID, and It makes tough to access your account then. Even if you know your password, but if you don't have the Google ID in your mind, you may never access your account. However, on the Google help page, there you may find various ways to fix almost all problems that you may be facing as a Google user. Generally, they help you in recovering your account either through your phone number registered with the account or through the recovery email a ress. But those simple tricks may not work always, and therefore, you may need our expert's advice and support.

User Have Forgotten The Google Login Password

For every Google user, it is recommended that to avoid the simple password when creating the Google account, but sometimes, it may take you to another problem, and that is "You have forgotten the Google password".You may simply visit the Google support page to get help, and you may recover your password using your recovery email ID or the recovery phone number. But, it may not recover your account always especially when you don't have access to your Recovery email a ress or the recovery phone number. In such cases, only a good technical expert having the sound knowledge of Gmail may help you. So, we are here.

Someone Has Hacked Your Account

If you use Google for business purposes, your Google account should be well secured. As per various reports, around 20% of unsecured Google business accounts get hacked every year, and all those owners end up losing their business growth to a higher extent. To recover a hacked Google account, either you should have the sound technical knowledge of Gmail, or you should hire the expert technical team to fix the issue. And, when it comes to choosing the best technical support provider for Gmail, it is only that you should believe first. Providing Technical support from the last 5 years, we take every issue very seriously. We have hired a well-experienced panel of ethical hackers to deal with all such problems that may come up with hacked account.

Lost Files From Google Drive

However, it is very safe to store files and photos on Google drive, but it is not 100% safe too. As a Google user, you should know that you may lose your Google drive files too. But, you don't need to worry anymore. Our Google Customer Care Service may help you in recovering your Google drive files. It just takes a call, or an Email to fix your issues.

Recover Already Deleted G Suite Account

G suite admins have an authority to easily reset and recover username, password and already deleted account. It can be done through Google admin console.

Here is mentioned how to recover Password of G Suite account through Admin console:

  • Sign in to admin console
  • Move to "users, click option, "a filter", and then choose "first name", or last name via drop down menu.
  • Move your mouse or touch pad hover on your required user, and choose option to "reset password".
  • Now, select option to generate new password, and click reset option.
  • After that you can share new generated password with user.

Recover G suite Username via Admin Console of Google

If you're admin of G suite, then you can recover back lost usernames via Admin console. Steps are mentioned below:

  • Sign in to admin console of your google
  • Move to option users, and select option, "a filters".
  • Choose an appropriate filter in order in order to search user
  • The username will be be seen next to the name.
  • After that share username with user.

Restoring Deleted G Suite Account?

Super admins have the authority to recover deleted user in G Suite, however there is a certain condition. There should be not more than 20 days for deletion of account. After the grace period of 20 days, complete date connects to the account permanently deletes from the servers of google.

  • User super admin credentials to sign in to Google Admin console
  • Select option, "users"
  • Now move to users, and click filter option
  • Choose option "recently deleted" from drop down menu.
  • Move to desired username, and then clock restore button.
  • Review & click continue
  • Choose organizational unit, and select option to recover.

Well! Recovery of G Suite admin account is as like as the process to recover the G Suite user account. If you want to recover deleted user account, then you will have to again give admin role in case you want that account to work again as admin.

Steps to Restore Data From Google Backup

This tip will only work in case you have taken backup of your google account. Using the back up you can easily restore back the data to new account when your account deletes.

Restore Data of Google Account via Google Takeout

A small in-built feature Google Takeout lets you easily download account data to hardware. If is in a regular process to download data via google takeout, then it is simple to restore it to your new google account when your previous account deletes permanently.

Limitations of native features of google for recovering data of google account
  • Limited to recover data
  • Possible data loss
  • Not business friendly
  • No direct restoration of data
  • Restoration is not complete
  • Limited and selective options of recovery
How Much Does It Cost To Take Our Help, And How we Support You.

It is always free to take our help to recover Google account or fix any other Google-related issues. And, we are available 24X7X365 for your help. You just call us or email us to let us know your issues, and our technical team gets engaged in fixing them. You have various options to contact us, such as you may either contact us on our toll-free number, or you may drop an email to us. Also, you may request a callback from us mentioning the time when we may call you.

Our expert Google customer support member may ask you just a few questions, and you may see how fast your issues get solved. We may charge you a little under a few circumstances only, such as when dealing with hacking-related glitches, or when we provide support for some premium Google services. But, under the rest of all circumstances, it is always free to take our help and technical support. It is our advice to you that if you are unable to get the instructions of our Support team, you should let them do the work on your behalf. Be sure that your account will be in the most trustworthy hands.

What's The Best Time To Contact Us, And How To Contact Us

There's no fixed time to contact us. It simply means we may help you anytime whether it's day or the night. If you wanna contact us through the mail, you can do so by dropping your request at our official support email a ress .You may also dial our support number ✓ to take instant help. Our support number is toll-free, and you are never charged any amount to call us. For the convenience of our customers, we also support the callback facility. Using the Callback facility, you can request us to call you back whenever you want to.

Some Basic Things To Remember When You Contact Us
  • There should not be any network related issue with mobile.
  • Check the Email a ress very carefully when dropping any support request at our official email a ress.
  • In case of Call back request make sure that you have received the call from an authenticated person only.


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