Facebook is growing so fast on the internet with time. Almost the major population of every country in the world uses Social media, and Facebook is topping the list. The way Facebook made things easy; no other social media did in a very long time. You can create a Facebook account in a matter of time and connect with people at the next moment. People like to use Facebook so much, that’s why some people make 2 Facebook Accounts for different purposes of use.

How Does Facebook Know If You Have Multiple Accounts?

Everybody loves to use social media on the Internet, especially Facebook. Several social media platforms available in the market, and they have millions of active users. Usually, people make a Facebook account for fun or to connect with people. Sometimes, they create Multiple Facebook accounts for many reasons. You can create more than one Facebook account, but the Facebook policy does not allow you to make more than one personal account. If you will able to create multiple accounts, Facebook will detect it anyhow.

Here are some digital fingerprints on the internet if you make multiple Facebook account, they will catch you.

  • ‘IP Address’ plays the major role to find out anyone on the Internet.
  • Facebook will detect your location with the geolocation API.
  • They can track you by your WebGL Support.
  • You will expose your Identity by Cross-origin login on major social networks

There are some more ways to find out a person has multiple accounts. Facebook can track your activity by using these methods.

Can I have a second Facebook account?

If you want to know about that can you have 2 Facebook accounts, the answer is a little bit complicated. However, Facebook policies do not allow making more than one account. But there are some ways you can create multiple accounts. If you want to create another personal account use, different mobile numbers and email addresses for your second account. Facebook will not allow the same credentials for multiple accounts. Before making a second account, read the terms, and conditions of Facebook and then create your account.

Can I make 2 Facebook accounts with the same mobile number?

Lots of people think about creating multiple accounts for their daily use. They do not want to share anything with anyone because they don’t feel comfortable doing. People have a different personality with different people and they create multiple accounts on Facebook. You need to know about Facebook policies because some users ask a question about multiple accounts with the same mobile number. So, the answer to this question is, Facebook does not allow to make multiple accounts with the same mobile number.


Facebook is very fun to use, and its amazing features are so good, you can chat, call, and so many things you can do on Facebook. If you are thinking about using multiple Facebook account at the same time, then this is not a good idea. Facebook does not allow you to create 2 Facebook accounts, especially with the same mobile number, so avoid doing it.