Facebook has certainly removed all the reasons for barriers when it comes to communication. With an FB account, you can get connected with your near & dear. This online platform connects family, friends, colleagues, and relatives n matter how far they are. Facebook does everything for you including doing business, widening your social circle, and chatting with friends. Not just this, there are many things one can do with an facebook account. Despite a long list of features, many times people face some technical troubles. Does Facebook have a phone number? When users encounter any glitches they ask this question so that they can get connected with the FB support team for rectifications.

FB account hacking is surely a common issue that many users have reported. When someone tries to hack your account, it gets locked and you cannot use it or access it. Account hacking is somewhat complicated that requires the help of FB customer support. Here are the steps that you can try to recover your account with ease-

Recovery of facebook account

  • First of all, just click “…” that is available on the top right side of the FB account’s profile.
  • Choose the option of “Report”.
  • In the next step, just click “Report or close this account”
  • After that, click on the “Continue” option.
  • In this step, choose the option of “Recover this account”.
  • You’ll be logged out of your current account. Go through the given instructions to recover your account.

Do they have a phone number for Facebook?

The users of FB always ask about their Facebook phone numbers. This is a common query that is especially asked during the occurrence of some technical woes. The issues that are not able to be fixed by the users require the assistance of experts.

Yes, the Fb support phone number is available that lets users contact the technical team. No matter what sort of technical troubles you’ve, you can troubleshoot with assistance. Some of the difficult situations when users ask for the Facebook phone number is compromised account, lost password, reporting the issue and so on.

How do I get a phone number from Facebook?

On Facebook, you can add your phone number for various reasons. One of them is getting notifications about everything. Secondly, it lets you create a FB account and recover your account. Facebook mainly sends the confirmation or verification code on the phone number that you have registered with the account. You can also get other phone numbers on FB if they’ve kept it public.

Does Facebook have a customer service phone number?

Do you want the answer to this question-Does Facebook have a phone number? Well, through facebook support customer number helps the users to find quick solutions. If you cannot get the phone number then you must report the issue to FB by following these quick steps-

  • Make sure to log in to your FB account on a computer.
  • Look for the account icon from the top right of the Facebook page.
  • In this step, select the ‘Help & support’ option
  • After that, just select the option of ‘Report a problem’
  • Just follow the on-screen instructions to get a response from the facebook team.

Does facebook require a phone number?

Facebook mainly requires your phone for security purposes. If there will be any suspicious activity on your FB account then you will get notified through the registered phone number. Through your phone number, it’s easy to create a new facebook account. Here are some simple instructions to add your mobile phone number:

  • At, you need to click the account icon that is present in the top right of Facebook.
  • Now, choose the option of ‘Settings & privacy’
  • Look for the Settings option to click on it
  • Click ‘Mobile’ present in the left column.
  • In this step, just click + Add mobile phone number. You can also add more numbers to your facebook account.
  • Enter your phone number and then choose the option to get a confirmation code
  • Then just click Continue.
  • You’ll get a confirmation code on your phone. After entering the code and click ‘Confirm’.