In this era of digital marketing social media, one name that is known by everyone is Facebook. In simple words, it has created history by gathering billions of active users. Today, every person is having a Facebook account for connecting with others. There are several benefits that one can get from this platform. One of them is getting connected to your near & dear ones, a news feed, and sharing content. There are many more that cannot be ignored. One feature/benefit of FB that cannot be thanked enough is the availability of the Facebook Marketplace icon. Through this, the buying and selling on FB have become super easy for small business persons. But, users find problems when the facebook marketplace not working.

There are some glitches with FB and they cannot be denied. The main thing that you need to remember that in such a problematic situation you need to get connected to a team of knowledgeable FB technical consultants through the helpline number. The experts of the FB support team are available all day all night for your help. While using the FB marketplace, you can encounter some technical problems. Here are some technical issues related to the marketplace and its solutions:

Why is my Facebook marketplace not loading?

Do you face the problem of the Facebook marketplace not loading?  Most of the time, FB users report about one common issue of the marketplace is not loading. Different reasons can cause this error to happen. If this FB problem is making you annoyed then you must consider these solutions to fix it:

  • If there’s no mobile number added in the FB marketplace then you might get this issue. When you want to use the marketplace, you need to make sure that you’ve added your mobile number to the FB account. A verification code will be sent to your phone for confirmation of the number. If not don’t yet do it now to access the FB marketplace again.
  • If you’re using the marketplace on your mobile device then it is crucial to operating the marketplace on the latest Facebook app. Make sure that you’re using the latest FB version.

If these steps are not helpful for you about then you can talk to the FB support team. The technical experts can help you in fixing this problem by providing you with a suitable solution. In case, you’ve any marketplace related is that is giving you hard times then consider contacting the FB technical engineers.

How to fix the Facebook marketplace not working?

Is your marketplace not working on Facebook? These can be complicated so you need to try this solution to fix it:

  • Update the Facebook App

If you have got tired of trying to use the Marketplace from your mobile device but not getting success, you must consider updating the app to its latest version.

How do I sell on the FB marketplace?

If you have just started using the marketplace then you might be little confused about selling. Whenever you sell anything on the marketplace, you are needed to first create a listing and make is public. With this, people can your listing who all are on the marketplace. If you’re a new user then go through these steps to get started with selling:

  • At first, you need to click on the ‘marketplace’ from the menu.
  • In this step, just click “+ Sell Something”.
  • After that, click the Item that you want to list to sell on the marketplace.
  • To add a listing, just enter a title and price.
  • After this, you also need to add your location, category, and image of the items from your device.
  • After adding all the details of the products, you just have to click on ‘post’ and you’re ready to sell the item on the FB marketplace.

In case, you’re experiencing the problem of the Facebook marketplace not working then you can get instant help from the technical professionals.