By reading and following this blog you can Fix Facebook App Crashing On Android Phone as the measures given in this blog are technically proven that it prevents the app crashing issues.

Reboot Mobile Phone

If the Facebook App is crashing on your android phone then first Reboot your mobile phone. Rebooting Phone is the standard medicine for all issues as restarting a phone, tablet, or even a PC can solve multiple issues.

Log Out Your Facebook

If you are an Android phone user and confronting Facebook App crashing issues repeatedly then you need to log Out your Facebook account. After that later Login the Facebook Account as may also help in fixing the Facebook App Crashing issue. Some times when on Facebook data loading problem occurs then the Facebook app gets crashed.

Remove Cache and Cookies

Facebook App cache and cookies are the big reason for app crashing as due to the present of cache and cookies the app gets overloaded and then it results is app crashing. That why you should always clear Facebook App cache and cookies from time to time.

Remove Facebook App Data

Seldom when Facebook Data gets loaded on your Facebook App then this app crashing issues commonly encountered by the peoples so for rectifying this issue you need to clear data from the app from time to time.

Update Facebook App and Phone

The Fb Crashing problem also happens when you do not update your Facebook App on time. Updating the Phone and App can also resolve the Facebook App Crashing problem. If you are using an android phone then from the Google Play Store you can update the Facebook App.

Disable Power Saving Mode

Sometime Enabled Power Saving Mode also results in Facebook crashing. So for resolving the issues just simply disable your Power Saving Mode from your Android Mobile Phone.