Facebook is the social media platform, used to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and others. However, it is the digital way to get in touch with the other person, business partners. Sometimes we face an issue like we are unable to send messages, photos, and videos this is the phenomenon of Facebook down. That time, various other problems like Facebook messenger down problem also occur and might disturb you.

There are various reasons that can cause such kind of Facebook glitch. Hence, you can report this problem to Facebook officially and you will get the quick solution to this problem.

Why Is FB Not Working?

  • Not a stable network connection– In case if your device is not connected with the good network, you can’t see the messages and send the files and messages to others.Facebook down issue will remain the same if you do not arrange a better internet connection.
  • Because of not a proper server from the company end– Sometimes,Facebook outage occurs from the Facebook itself.
  • Your application is not updated for a long time– Several times; you can see that you cannot log in to the older version of the application. So, at that time you should install the newer version of the application to login to the app.
  • The Webcam is not working– you cannot send the video files due to default in the webcam. Go for the troubleshooting process of the camera by changing the settings or privacy.
  • Someone blocked your profile– It is seen that various times you cannot send the message because the receiver is blocked you to send and receive the message for the communication.
  • Messenger is full of cache and junk files/folders – Junk file or unnecessary files gets to fill in the messenger causes not working messenger. So, go to the settings and open the messenger application option where we can see the menu bar of the clear cache. Click on it to get the desired result and for the smooth operation of the messenger application on your device.
  • Because of users attend the wrong credential for one or more times– resultant of which your account gets locked and cannot log in again at that time.
  • Having a long period to login to your account– sometimes after a long time use of the same login id, the messenger gets stopped and not working. At that period you need to logout from the messenger and Facebook and again do the same procedure of login.

Is Facebook Down For Maintenance Right Now?

Yes, this is the significance of Facebook is in under maintenance right now. The time taken could be from 30 min to 6 days depends upon the type of problems. After the recovery of the account, you will get the smooth operation of your account. On the other hand, if you face any other problems with your Facebook account, you should take help from experts. Simply, share your problems and get an optimum solution, from your home-like comfort.