What is Facebook Marketplace? As the name suggests marketplace so facebook marketplace is a place where users can sell and buy the things as per their requirement and as per their choice. It’s an online platform where they can find the required items or may sell their own stuff virtually.To Get Marketplace on Facebook is not a very difficult task to do. To find a marketplace, follow these basic and simple guidelines to get access through this.

There Are Many Benefits Of Buying And Selling On Facebook Marketplaces,These Are Stated Below:

Easily available on mobile phone: In this era where everything is digital, it’s a great place to sell or buy anything on your fingertips where ever you might be either traveling,walking, or doing other stuff.

Easily accessible by simple steps: You don’t need to waste time on posting things on the Marketplace. You just have to take a photograph and simply upload it with a description.

Accessible to the local areas: It shows everything according to your wants and need that are available in your area or within,whether it is anything; it easily shows you up.

Build trust over the sellers: Since you Can’t Access Facebook Marketplace without proper verification so it is easy for customers to verify things.

Allows 10 Photos: Facebook Marketplace has some guidelines that a seller should keep in mind while uploading 10 photos of the products.

Direct messaging: If a buyer wants to clear their doubt regarding something related to the product they can easily send message directly to the owner.

Maximum reach: As it can be easily available in its nearby areas it also has a reach of meeting the demand of millions of people.

How Do I Get To Facebook Marketplace?

  • To Get To Facebook Marketplace, you need to login to your Facebook account. To do so, you have to enter your login credentials including your phone number and password.
  • Apart from that, you will need to go to the left menu of Facebook home.
  • Here, you will be able to come across a Facebook Marketplace option that you have to click on it.

Why can’t I get Marketplace on Facebook?

Getting Facebook Marketplace Is Not A Very Tough Nut To Crack,If You Are Not Able To Access Go Through These Steps:

  1. The first is to log out through the Facebook website and then login back again.
  2. If the first step is not supporting then uninstall the app and then again install the app through the play store or any other site suitable to you.
  3. As per the reason mentioned above try changing your home country to a supported Facebook marketplace country. For this, go to your profile where you will find an option about click on that. Now, you have to click on the plus sign,edit or change the country which is supported here.
  4. You may also have a new account with a good number of posts and followers. Once Facebook detects this and is confirmed about the account is not fake,the marketplace option will be easily accessible itself.
  5. After following all these steps,you will be able to go to the Facebook marketplace option.


By following these simple steps mentioned above you may easily get access to your Facebook Marketplace without any hindrance or any kind of issue. After all these steps if still you are facing any kind of trouble please visit the need more help part of Facebook. I hope this will help you in generating your marketplace a digital site for the selling and buying of the things. Besides, you can also take help from the Facebook help center if you are facing any problem with your account. Moreover, you can also visit our website if you are seeking more about the same. Here, you will get a feasible solution right from the comfort of your home.