Gmail is considering one of the most reliable and hands-free email providers out of world. It is the best platform for individual and professional use. Once you create Gmail account, you can easily access your email from anywhere even if you are far away from your PC or laptop. There are several amazing fruitful features that you can experience. The fact that you can send and receive email for free, you can also send text messages and even chat to different people across the world. But, what if, the account gets hacked by someone. You don’t need to get panic as there is easy guide to Recover My Google Account. Your account will again be accessible without any disruption once you restore your lost account with the help of provided instructions. The blog will gonna be very much helpful. So, don’t ignore!

How Can I Recover My Google Account?

Make sure your account is highly secured as it is crucial in these days to protect your data from intruders. There are numbers of hackers looking for hacking the personal identifications or data. However, the widely popular email provider Gmail has two-step verification method to make the account protected against stalkers. Make the changes in the Settings tab which will take couple of minutes to make your account much safer. Go through the below-noted instructions:

  • First, open any browser on your PC and then visit gmail.com
  • Now, enter your username and password correctly into the given field
  • Then, tap “Sign-in” button
  • Afterward, on the Home Page, look at the right side of your screen. You will see a small gear which is named as “Settings”; place a click on it
  • Click “Accounts and Imports” tab at the top
  • Then after you have to select “Change password recovery options” And tap “Continue”
  • Now, verify your account by entering your password. Once you enter the password, tap “Sign-in”
  • Edit two different options for your password recover options
  • The first choice is by adding a phone number to ensure it is you
  • The next way to recover your password is use a recovery e-mail address
  • Once you are sure that everything is correct, then finalize your changes by clicking “Save”

Now, by using your phone number, email address or your alter-email id, you can recover your lost Google Account in a few second.

Can I Call Google To Recover My Account?

Of course, there is no any doubt to get united with Google Support team for Google Account Recovery process. They are available round the clock to give you right direction so in a short span of time you can recover your lost account. When put a ring on helpline number, you will instantly be connected with top-most techies for better recovery process.

How Can I Recover A Suspended Google Account?

Google provides the blue-chip services in the world whether it’s related to security or knowledge based information. Anyone of you is using its Gmail for sending/receiving mails or messages at one point you notice that the account is not getting accessible. And the main reason for confronting such trouble is the Google Account has been suspended. Despite being worried, Recover A Suspended Google Account with the help of below-noted instructions one-by-one:

  • First and foremost, you are guided to visit the Google Admin Console
  • Then, click on the “Users” tab
  • At the side of the User list, you will see the “Filters”option
  • You need to change the suspended user list filter
  • In case you don’t find this option, click on the “Filter” button
  • Then on the User’s account page, click on “Settings” tab and choose “Restore user” option
  • To see the Restore user option, you must have to sign-in with an account has the suspend users privilege enabled
  • For doing so, go to the “Gmail” and login with your upgraded credentials to see whether it is finished or not

If you face any kind of glitches while performing the afore-mentioned guidelines for restoring your suspended Google Account, then call Google Support or forum helpline to get instant opportunity to resolve your error issue. Google has an excellent customer support & service which are effectual for all helpless candidates.