Sync problems in Gmail generally arise when the device server is unable to coordinate with the internet. If you want to fix sync issues then you need to use a strong internet connection with your Gmail. In this blog, we will tell you some synchronization issues and immediate hacks to fix those issues:

  1. First of all, if you are unable to receive an email in your Gmail account or load pages the check for the internet connection. It may also be possible that your internet is switched off.
  2. Secondly, check for the password if you are unable to login into your account. maybe you have recently changed your password in the past few days and forgot to update it in the settings. Also, some people are unaware that Gmail passwords are case sensitive. So, if your actual password is in the upper case and you are typing it in lower case then also you would not be able to log in to the account.
  3. Restoring or clearing the Gmail settings would also help you to get out of this situation. You can follow the below steps to clear Gmail information from your device.
  • Open device’s Settings of application or browser.
  • Click on “Apps & notifications”
  • Select “App info” and then click on the Gmail option.
  • Go to Gmail Storage and tap on “Clear data”
  • Press “Ok” to clean your system.
  • Restart your device to adapt to the changes by browser or application.

Moreover, you can also contact Gmail if you have any issues with the mentioned steps.

  1. Gmail experts also suggest updating the application at regular intervals. Gmail keeps making changes in the software to make the application or website compatible with all operating systems. This will also improve the performance of the application regardless of the operating system. If you haven’t updated your application for a long time and are facing sync issues then you must update it as soon as possible. Moreover, we suggest you opt for an auto-update in the settings to reduce the hassle of updating it. Once you connect your device to an active internet connection when an update is available, the system will automatically update it.
  2. Lastly, the most important part that affects the synchronization of Gmail is the cache data. Especially, when your device gets out of space it is necessary to remove the unnecessary data. With unnecessary data here we mean to the cache and cookies files. Instead of this, you can also uninstall the device and reinstall it to clear the gratuitously used storage.

Additionally, you can also contact Gmail customer service and get immediate assistance to fix sync issues in your account.

How do I contact Gmail customer service?

We all use Gmail in day to day life to send official as well as personal emails. Some people use Gmail for chatting with friends through hangout. However, you can also download a separate application for this. Apart from this Gmail also provides you countless inbuilt features to save time for the users. Moreover, it also provides endless customer support assistance for customers. You can either contact Gmail customer service through the mobile application or website through easy steps. All you have to do is to raise a feedback request from the help and support page.

Additionally, if you want to talk to a live person then you have to call on their toll-free number. but this seems very difficult to contact Gmail on call as millions of people are constantly trying to call them. So, we suggest you either check the help centre for a suitable resolution or submit feedback and wait for their revert.