Google offers its consumers several features and services. If you want to make use of any applications then you need to download and install from Google. If you face any problem with Google play then it is because Google play store down. You cannot afford the non-functioning of the Play store. Whenever your Play Store is not working, you can get troubleshooting issues from the Google support team. The best part is that you can freely dial the google helpline number to get instant help from the knowledgeable technical executives any time of the day.

Facing problems with down play store is common but you can completely get rid of them by contacting the techies. Consider seeking the help of professionals for this kind of issue.

Why is my Play Store app not working?

Almost every user must have experienced a Google Play Store problem at some point in time. If you are getting a play store app down error message then there could be different reasons for this. Right from internet connection to cache, you can find many reasons behind this error. The first thing that you should do for fixing the “play store not working” error is restarting your phone. It is an obvious and quick solution to many issues.

How do I fix the Google Play store has stopped?

What to do if down Google play store app? You don’t have to bother with this issue. Just follow these instructions to fix the problem:

Clear the cache & data of the Google Play Store

  • Just open your device’s Settings in the mobile device.
  • Tap on the “Apps & notifications” and then look for all apps.
  • You need to scroll down
  • Click on “Google Play Store Google Play”.
  • In this step, tap Storage and then Clear Cache and then choose “Clear data”.
  • Finally, re-open the Play Store and then you need to download it again to check if the issue got resolved or not.

Try restarting your device

If still the error is not getting resolved then you must restart your device once:

  • For this, the user is needed to press and hold the Power button of the mobile device until the menu pops up.
  • In this, tap Restart or Power off.
  • You have to again press and hold the Power button until your device turns on.

Clear data and cache from Download Manager

  • Open your Settings app on your Android device.
  • Click on “Apps & notifications”
  • Look for App info or See all apps.
  • Tap More and then “Show system”.
  • Here, you just need to click on Download Manager.
  • After that, try clicking on “Storage or Storage & cache” and then “Clear cache”.
  • Tap OK and open the Google Play Store. After this, try downloading apps from play store to check it.

Is there a problem with the Play Store?

If you are seeing the “Google play services update error” message on your Android, there is a possibility of some server or some corrupted data issue. To rectify this error message, you can get in touch with the professionals of the Google support team. Ask your technical queries about Google play store down from the experienced technical team of Google.