While accessing the Yahoo Mail, repeatedly encountering Yahoo Mail Error Code 404 problem and thinking that How To Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 404? then follow the steps given below. By following the steps you can resolve this problem very easily on your own.

What Results in Yahoo Mail Error Code 404?

When your browser gets overloaded with cookies and cache then this results in Yahoo mail error code 404. This Yahoo error can be solved by deleting or clearing the browser cookies and cache. Lets further read about how to clear cookies and cache from your browser.

Cookies and Cache Clear in Google Chrome Browser:

Open Chrome and then tap on three vertical dot icon. This icon is generally present at the top right corner of the screen.

Thereafter the menu tab will open from their click on More Tools options.

From the more tools page tap on the Clear browsing data option.

Then select the checkbox which usually available just next to the Cookies option.

After that click on the Clear data link, this will result in clearing your cookies and caches from the Google Chrome Browser.

Cookies and Cache Clear in Mozilla Firefox:

Visit Mozilla Firebox browser then click on the Menu bar.

Then from the menu bar select Privacy & Security option.

Thereafter look for cookies and caches option and then from there click on the Clear Data link.

After that select checkbox which will be present just next to the Cookies and Site Data.

Then tap on Clear. On taping the clear link your Cookies and Cache will get clear from Mozilla Firefox.

If you want to remove Yahoo Error Code 404 then follow the above-mentioned steps and if after following the steps you are encountering the same problem then feel free to avail our Yahoo Customer Service. You can avail of our service at any time as we are 24/7 customer service provider and will assure you to solve your problem ASAP.