Gmail allows users to interact with different people all across the globe. It is used for personal and professional tasks. With the help of Gmail, we can send text messages, pictures, files, folders, videos and many heavy files that are not easily possible with other social sites. To be on Facebook, you have to create a Gmail account and link your account with Facebook. If you had a Gmail account in the past and now you want to use it again. In that case, you need to know your general information that was required at the time of creating your account. If you have a doubt on How To Recover My Gmail Password? blog, then take the guidance from our blog.

Directions For Recovering The Gmail Password

  • At first, open your device then after that type gmail.com in the search box and then hit the enter button.
  • Thereafter Gmail home page will get open from there click on the Sign In page.
  • In the Gmail Sign Page enter your email address or a number and after that click on the “forget password” link.
  • On clicking the link another page will open on that you will be asked to enter your alternate email id. If in case you do not remember the same then just click on the “Try Another way” link. Later another page will open in that you have to mention your registered mobile number. Similarly, if you don’t remember the same then click the “try another way” option. In this way, one can recover the Gmail Passwod via email, number, questions, or current email.
  • If you will enter the correct alternate email id or registered phone number then on verification code you will receive and you need to enter the same in the verification code box.
  • On entering the correct code your Gmail account homepage will get open which means your Gmail account recovery has been done successfully.

While you’re thinking of a strong password make sure that you include alphabet and numeric so that it is impossible to crack by hackers. For keeping your information safe, you can also take a two-step verification code every time you use your account. If you’re using an android device or you’re using an iPhone the steps will remain the same. Hardly any difference is there. Gmail Sign In will be possible after you have performed the steps for password recovery.


If you are having argent work and you don’t know how to recover your Gmail password then immediately look for a solution on our blog. We’ve mentioned all relevant information on How To Recover My Gmail Password for our viewers, we’ve kept the steps simple and precise for you guys. For any information or query, do write to us by sending your feedback in the comments section below.