Have you lost your access to your Facebook account? Are you looking for s0me ways to recover the Facebook account? If so, then you are doing the right thing by going through this blog. Therefore, it’s very important for you to go through this blog very carefully. Facebook account recovery is very easy however, but you need to know what steps you need to follow exactly. To recover a Facebook account, you just need to follow some very simple steps as given in this blog.

Facebook Account Recovery Using Email Or Phone Number

  1. Connect your device with the internet, and make sure that the internet is working fine.
  2. Open the web browser that you prefer to use. I prefer Google Chrome.
  3. Now, in the address bar, enter the URL facebook.com. You will find a new page on your screen.
  4. Just below the password box where we generally put the Facebook password, you may find the option “Forgot Password”. Click on that.
  5. Now, you will get a new page where Facebook will ask you to find your account either using your registered phone number or using the registered email address.
  6. Once you mentioned the required info, just click the Search button.
  7. Now, Facebook will provide you with options that where you want to get the required code for Facebook account recovery. Choose the preferred option. If you choose an Email address, you will get the code in your mail, and if you choose the phone number, you will get the code on your phone. After choosing one, click on the “Continue button”.
  8. On the next screen, Facebook will ask you to provide the code. But, if you could not get the code for some reason, you may click on the option “Didn’t get a code?” to get the code. Enter the code provided to you, and click “Continue”.
  9. After the completion of the above step, Facebook will take you to a new page where you may reset your Facebook password. But, sometimes, Facebook may ask you to verify your account.

If the above trick does not work for you, then, you may try another trick that is mentioned below.

Facebook Account Recovery Through Another Account

  1. Create a new Facebook account, and log in to that, and Open the Facebook ID that you want to recover.
  2. Now, you may find 3 dots next to the message option. Click here, and then select the “Report” Option from the newly opened menu items.
  3. On the next screen, Facebook will ask you to provide the reason for reporting the account. Just choose the reason “Something Else”.
  4. Next, you will get the option “Recover this account”. Choose that, and click on “Done”.
  5. In the next step, Facebook will ask you to choose how you wanna get the authentication code to recover your account. Choose the preferred one.
  6. The rest of the steps are as same as that of the previous one.

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Have a good time. 🙂