All the online money transferring applications have provided so many benefits to the common person. It will save your time and effort of going to a bank. You can conveniently send and receive money with few taps on your mobile device. There are so many times when you take financial help from your friends and they send you the money with a Cash app. Now you can Refund payment in your Cash App account to your friend by the same application.

Apart from all the boon that online transaction has provided to mankind, it also has a bad side that no one wants to face ever. As we know that all the Cash app transactions are instantly settled in the bank account and can’t be canceled. It doesn’t matter that we have done is by mistake or knowingly but the money will be settled to an unknown person’s bank account. Then it will be a cause of worry for your hard-earned money.

If you want to Refund payment in your Cash App back then you can do it with two methods.

  • Ask the account holder to Refund back the amount in the Cash app.
  • Check whether the cancellation option is applicable to the particular transaction or not in the activity feed.

If cancellation is available then you can cancel it from there otherwise you can ask the person to refund your payment.

  • Ask them to go on the “Activity tab” in the Cash App home screen
  • Ask them to Click on the payment that you want back.
  • Tap on the “Refund” option.

Finally, you can use the “Request” button on your Cash App home screen and ask for the refund back.

Apart from this, If you want your friend to Refund payment in your Cash App account, then you can request it from your end. Once your friend will receive the notification, he will surely send the amount back to you. This feature of a Cash app also makes it different from the other money transferring applications. Furthermore, you can also call on the help and support section in the application to know more about this feature.