Hey, do you overthink about how to send money on the Cash app on your iPhone or Android? OK, it is very easy. You must do one thing, download Cash app on your mobile device from App Store or Play Store accordingly. So, now you curious to know the further description, ok,  read this blog.

If there was any other mobile payment app available except than Cash app, then it is obvious that we discuss it. But, unfortunately, I didn’t get yet that can compete for Cash app features and services.

Here are a few simple steps that allow users to transfer money with few clicks on their iPhone or Android. But, you have to link an active bank account here with your Cash app account.

Send money on the Cash app makes many things as easier as possible. It allows you to split any bill with friends and colleagues like having a party snack, meal, bars, etc. You can also use Cash Card to pay at any store that accepts a Visa card.

How to send money on the Cash app by iPhone or Android? Steps mentioned below:

❖       First of all, you have to open a Cash app on your android or iPhone device and then hit on the $ (dollar symbol) which is at the bottom center of the Cash app page.

❖       Now, you must have entered the amount that you want to send.

❖       Next, select the Pay button which is at the bottom right corner of the page.

❖       Thereafter, enter the recipient’s $Cashtag, email address, mobile number.

❖       And then, type the reason for what you send.

❖       Now, again click on the Pay button.

Conclusion:-  Here, we talk about how to send money on the Cash app on your iPhone or Android. If you have any issues, then feel free to contact us. We are available here to help you.