Facebook application has become an important part of our life.From business person to individual everyone is using Facebook in their day to day life. However, as you all know some people are getting very annoying on Facebook. The solution is very simple i.e. you can block them at any time. But there is solution to your problem that is to Unblock Someone On Facebook.We will see the procedure to Unblock Friends On Facebook that contains very easy steps.

You can Unblock Someone On Facebook as per your choice that is depends upon you. Many users face the problem in this domain and cannot perform the whole process properly. So, to make the procedure bit easy for users we are introducing you the whole procedure to Unblock On Facebook.

Everyone should read carefully the whole method and proceed in order to get the desired result.

How Do You Unblock Someone On Facebook On Your Phone?

To make your life easier and to save your time we are providing you the solutions of Unblock People On Facebookstep by step with the required instructions.

  • The first step would be is to ON your device and click on the Facebook application and open it.
  • Then next, see for the menu button that is placed on the top right side part of your mobile screen.
  • Select the menu tab and Scroll down, at the second last you will find the option “Settings &Privacy” click on that.
  • After finding and clicking the Settings & Privacy option you will get the Blocking option on the section of Settings
  • Press to Blocking Option in which you will find the list of blocked persons that you have blocked previously.
  • Search for that person whom you want to unblock from that list and add to your friend list.
  • After getting the person’s profile whom you want to unblock, you will see the Unblock option on the right side of the phone screen
  • Click on Unblock Tab, as you click on that tab the pop-up window will appear on your phone screen in which there will be two options on the left side CANCEL and on the right side UNBLOCK. Click on the UNBLOCK tab and then you will successfully unblock that person’s profile.

Just for your information, I would like to clarify that after unblocking that person you need to send the friend request to that person to add that user in your friend list.

How Can I Unblock My FB Account?

The methods and procedure to Unblock My Facebook Account is given below-

  • Many times I can be seen that our Facebook account gets disabled automatically. At that time no need to worry just keep patience for approx 3-4 days your problem will get resolved.
  • Various times you can get the solutions by verifying your account through give the answer to the security questions. This will take a couple of minutes.
  • Another solution is that you can take the help of FB friends whom you can trust without hesitation.

Apart from that, you can take help from the experts if any kind of problem takes place while on Facebook. So, what are you waiting for?