People use google applications to simplify their work. But sometimes they face issues while performing something. This situation is very troubling for users as they have to check for resolutions on various other websites. Moreover, google problems are increasing day by day and we need to put a stop to these google issues. We do not want our customers to face this issue. Hence, we have provided some common reasons for Google not working problem.

Google has provided numerous applications for customers. Almost all of them need an internet connection to work and access data from the Server. If we talk about google maps then people face google maps not working issues as well. This is because all the locations on a map can only be visible due to internet connectivity. As if you are using google maps without an internet connection then it will definitely show you an error.

Apart from this, people also see google assistant not working, google calendar not working, and google chrome not working issue with respective applications. The prime reason behind these errors is the internet connection. Whereas users also require to clean cache and cookies files from their device to make these applications work smoothly.

You can clean these files from your mobile device by following the below steps.

  • Initially, open your device and go to the settings application on it.
  • Scroll down the menu and go to the “Apps and notification” option.
  • After that, click on “see all apps” to go through all the downloaded applications on your device.
  • Click on the application in which you are facing a problem and want to clear the cache data.
  • You will get multiple options available here.
  • Click on the “Storage and cache” option to see the cache accumulated by the particular application.
  • You will get to see clear storage and clear cache option here. You can also choose to clean the entire storage to increase the speed of the application and free up storage to save other data.
  • Click on the “Clear cache” option here to clean all temporary files from the application. Moreover, if you choose to “clear storage” then it will delete all the downloaded data as well from the system.

How can I fix google not working issue on my own?

If you are facing a google not working issue with any google application, then you can fix it by the following steps.

  • The main thing that a google application requires is an internet connection. So, connect your device to a strong internet connection before opening any google application.
  • Make sure that the application is updated to its latest version. Many times, an outdated version of the google application can also get you into major issues.
  • The next thing that you need to check is for the cache files. These files are temporary and need to be deleted. If you have not cleared cache files from your device then it is time to clear the cache and free additional storage for applications.
  • After this, check for the operating system you are using. Like the application, an operating system also requires an update. So, if any google application is not working on your device then check whether you are using an updated operating system of the outdated one.

If everything goes well then, your google will start to work fine. But if there is still some problem then you can restart your application so that the device adapts to the recent changes.